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Fall and Winter Watering

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Fall and Winter Watering

Winter Watering

Fall and Winter Watering

New and established landscape plantings can be at risk to injury or death when fall and winter months have little precipitation…

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Growing Interests

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Trees and Shrubs

Why Trees

Why Trees

Trees provide shade, protection, wildlife interest and aesthetic value. Let’s consider some important benefits that trees provide to our lives and homes. Read More

Winter Evergreen Protection

Wilt Pruf

Winter Evergreen Protection

A timely application of Wilt Pruf in late fall can make a big difference in the amount of browning that occurs on broadleaf and newly planted evergreens. Read More

This Month in the Garden


March Checklist

Spring is just around the corner! As the weather warms, there is plenty to do in the yard. Get a head start on the season with these reminders. Read More