Pruning Roses

Rose Pruning

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

One of the tasks that all gardeners must face is pruning trees and shrubs. This guide will help you keep your landscape looking great all year long.

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Growing Interests

Lincoln, USA

Trees and Shrubs

Why Trees

Why Trees

Trees provide shade, protection, wildlife interest and aesthetic value. Let’s consider some important benefits that trees provide to our lives and homes. Read More

Finke Gardens Pot Return Program

Reusable Nursery Pots

Finke Gardens Pot Return Program

Everyone wants to do his or her part to preserve our environment and reduce waste. Finke Gardens is committed to doing our part by reusing nursery pots whenever possible.

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This Month in the Garden


April Checklist

Spring is in full swing! Although it is still a bit too early to plant many annual flowers, this is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and certain vegetables. Here are a few more tips. Read More