Free Tree Planting

Oct 13 - Nov 1

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Nebraska Natives & Their Cultivars

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Free Tree Planting

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Free Tree Planting

Finke Gardens believes in doing things in the best way we can, so when we offer free planting, it means we do it right. Read More

Growing Interests

Lincoln, USA

Trees and Shrubs

Why Trees

Why Trees

Trees provide shade, protection, wildlife interest and aesthetic value. Let’s consider some important benefits that trees provide to our lives and homes. Read More

Colorful Choices

Fall Color

Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

From bright orange to red and everything in between, the fall color of these plants provide the perfect end to an outstanding season. Maples, Oaks, and more... Read More

This Month in the Garden


November Checklist

Before you huddle down and hibernate for the winter, take a sunny day to finish up these things in the yard. Read More